Supermaan: Seven Super Powers

Superman and influencer marketing

“They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way.”

Man of Steel, a Superman reboot, is leading the pack of big movie releases this summer. After some strategic finagling and more time spent waiting in line than I’m willing to admit, I was able to catch a pre-screening of the movie on Tuesday.

Suffice it to say, it inspired me – and felt compelled to look for similar parallels within the Traackr Universe. So while still riding high on the energy of that night, and in the spirit of blockbuster season officially upon us, here are seven super powers shared by Traackr and the legendary hero.

1) Super Hearing

Superman has superhuman hearing, allowing him to hear sounds at greater detail and distance than an average human, even hearing sounds on other planets. He can also mentally filter out sounds and focus his attention to a specific thing, like a heartbeat or a person calling out for help. The world’s most powerful eavesdropper!

Traackr: Stream & filtered listening

Use Stream, our real-time monitor, to filter your online listening and easily hear the things that impact you. This isn’t a real-time monitor that picks up every piece of noise on the social web, but a monitor focused specifically on the influencers you deem most important because focus is the key to successful listening.

2) “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive”

This is no hyperbole. Superman has the speed and strength that far exceeds human comprehension. While “a speeding bullet” still resonates with today’s society, a locomotive just doesn’t quite give his strength justice…feel free to choose from one of these modern-day beastly machines.

Traackr: Instant Search

Have you tried Traackr’s Instant Search? Our powerful search engine turns your keywords into people in the blink of an eye. Easily find top influencers on a topic with superhuman speed.

3) “Superman stands for truth and justice”

For the protection of these two principles, Superman will fight to the ends. Standing up for your beliefs is considered a superpower in my book!

Traackr: The ‘T’ in Traackr stands for truth.

There’s no need to turn away when learning how the Traackr sausage is made, for the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Define your topic by creating your own set of topics – those topics (and how they’re appearing in online content) are used to determine an influencer’s score and ranking. Every Traackr project shows the exact keyword matches that create the relevance score. The evidence is right in front of you, so take a bite.

4) X-Ray Vision

Superman has the ability to see through solid objects, to spot hiding criminals or solve puzzles that tend to come up in his adventures.

Traackr: Improved Insight & Engagement

While it’s nice to monitor every single piece of online content for mentions of your brand, all that glitters is not gold. Use Traackr’s focused lens to see through the dense forest of the social web and spot the important ‘gold nugget’ insights that can really help guide strategy. Use these nuggets to drive content creation choices, messaging tactics, and in developing pitches.

5) Time Travel

Superman, in times of real distress, has even been known to travel back in time by reversing the rotation of the earth… Hey, they don’t call him Superman for nothing!

Traackr: Managing crisis situations

We haven’t yet incorporated time travel into our tool (we are still in testing phases), Traackr does allow you to quickly react in a crisis situation, by closely monitoring the news that drives opinions and action. The next best thing to going back in time to prevent an error, is properly handling it moving forward.

6) Eidetic Memory

Superman has complete recall of everything he has ever seen, read, or heard.

Traackr: Influencer Management

No need to remember the online habits and idiosyncrasies of your top influencers. Use Traackr as your complete influencer management system, taking full advantage of notes, tagging, the reporting module (including Themes, Sentiment, and Share of Voice reports), and our integration with Nimble.

7) Superhuman Olfaction

Superman has a heightened and accurate sense of smell that he uses to detect things, such as the chemicals that are included in bombs. I imagine this power could occasionally get annoying for old Supes…

Traackr: Search-o-smell

Hmm, well, maybe there are only six super powers that Superman and Traackr share…

So there you have it. Seven Six super powers shared by Traackr and the Man of Steel, special qualities that help produce remarkable results and make your social initiatives count.

A lesser-known attribute of Superman, however, is that he is a living solar battery. A concept briefly touched on in the new movie, his powers actually rely heavily on energy absorbed from the sun. Without that energy, he no longer retains his super abilities and would simply be mild-mannered Clark Kent. The Earth’s sun provides him with the necessary elements that make him so…super.

So you see marketers, even Superman relies on something to help him reach his full, extraordinary potential.

Enjoy the movie!

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