The Engagers: Michael Troiano on Social Marketing & Relationship Marketing

The Engagers: Michael Troiano

Michael Troiano is Chief Marketing Officer at Actifio. He spent his early career at top advertising agencies before launching, building, and marketing venture-funded technology companies. He writes about brands, social marketing, and startups, and serves as a TechStars mentor, New England Venture Capital Association Board Member, and an advisor to many Boston startups. You started […]

A 3-Phase Process for Identifying Influencers

Influencer Identification Toolkit

Today we are launching a new toolkit to help marketers map out influence along the customer journey: Help! Who are my influencers? The purpose of the toolkit is help you find new ways to be creative and strategic about building meaningful relationships with the people who specifically matter to you. Since the end goal of […]

Influencer Marketing & Realtime Marketing Labs #RLTM

Realtime Marketing Lab Stickers

Today Traackr is participating in the Realtime Marketing Lab. This is a one-of-a-kind conference where brands and technology meet to talk use cases. This is a new type of social media conference. Instead of brand managers dodging vendors, and vendors pining for attention, we’re meeting “head-to-head and hands-on”. Tonia Ries created the event so we […]

Is Your Marketing Weird?

Passionate Star Wars Fans

Do you resonate with the masses? Are you using the same techniques to reach potential buyers as the company down the street from you? Are you normal? If yes, read on. You can not succeed in the modern social world by marketing in average ways to average people. I repeat. You can not succeed in […]

The Engagers: Amy Higgins on Building Engaged Communities

The Engagers: Amy Higgins

Amy Higgins is the Content Marketing & Social Media Manager for Concur’s Small Business Division. She’s built all sorts of communities including uniting teenagers, Opera lovers, food photographers and most recently small business experts. Amy, you’ve created communities of influencers and advocates for consumer- and business- facing organizations of all sizes. What types of business […]

Why You Should Involve People in Your Content Marketing

Technology & Marketing SF

Marketing and technology seem to be colliding these days. Marketers have sophisticated tools for automation, personalization, analytics and more — making their lives simultaneously easier and more difficult. On the backend, this is all made possible by technologists who have a passion for creating new ways to reach, engage and entice audiences — consistently releasing […]

A Roadmap for Effective CSR Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing for CSR Initiatives

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching and engaging the people who create the online conversations that impact your brand, programs and products. In CSR, it’s important to engage with these stakeholders because they can be instrumental in spreading a message, garnering support and changing behaviors. While every influencer marketing project is unique, this […]