New @Traackr: Always Be in the Know

Are you in the know?

Today we are excited to announce two new features to our influencer marketing platform: Traackr Highlights and Trending Content. This release is another step towards our ongoing goal to help digital marketers create and sustain relationships with the people who matter most to their businesses. These two additions to Traackr are both new ways to […]

3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Your Influencers into Your Blog Posts

Content Marketing & Influencer Strategy

We’ve written a lot about how content marketing and influencer strategy fit together. While you can certainly get fancy with incorporating influencers into your company’s content, there are a number of simple ways you can start combining these two marketing practices and seeing quick results. Build Off Their Posts As you read your influencers’ content, […]

The Chief Relationship Officer

Chief Relationship Officer Badge

Most people agree that social media has changed marketing forever. Exactly how is the subject of many academic debates. We believe the most dramatic change social has provoked in marketing is in the way it has greatly amplified the impact people (not demographics, not faceless viewers, but real, living, breathing, individual people) can have on […]

How to Discover, Connect & Build Trust with Influencers

Mr. Moustache Influencer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up the phone and talk to any one of your business’ top influencers? What if you could reach out with a simple email to let one of your influencers know about an announcement you’re making and you knew they would engage? This amazing state of connectedness isn’t a […]

5 Step Action Plan for Influencer Marketing [infographic]

The 5-Step Action Plan for Influencer Marketing

We’ve seen demand for influencer marketing increase tremendously over the last 12 months as businesses are looking to engage in online conversations that impact them. On the agency side, our partners have experienced the same explosion of needs coming from their clients who are seeking new ways to be relevant in a digital world. Recently, […]