A Year in Review

2013 was a big year for Traackr (the biggest!).  As we hit the ground running in 2014, we want to take a moment to reflect how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished in those short 12 months, and much of it is thanks to our users. We listened to your comments, we wrote […]

View From the Board Room – On Being Global

In today’s world, you can become a global company on a dime; we’re the proof of it. It defies good old startup logic. Based in SF, Traackr went global much earlier in its life than many equivalent venture funded start-ups. With more than 20% of company revenue coming from non-US sources and 20% of its staff […]

Love Your Influential Detractors

As marketers, when we engage in relationship building with influencers, consciously or not, we apply a very simple mental model to: Assess the potential impact of the relationship (Are they important to me?) Evaluate the effort needed to turn them into evangelists (Are they a friend of the business already? Do they know we exist?) […]

The end of short-termism as we know it

With the earnings period and DiCaprio’s latest flick on Wall Street’s culture both grabbing headlines, it appears fitting to bring up the concept of short-termism. Some argue that quarterly earnings create an obsession for short-term thinking – at the expense of a long-term visionary approach that characterises strong and stable leadership. Investors want to see […]

Is Your Marketing Healthy? How Sanofi Uses Influence to Improve Lives

Patrick lives and breathes music. His dream job is to be a Music Supervisor for a major production studio in Hollywood. Currently in his mid-twenties, Patrick manages a concert venue north of Chicago. He also identifies himself as a Type 1 diabetic, which means his body fails to naturally produce insulin. Patrick describes his life […]

Influencer Marketing: the OS of Modern Marketing

There’s been so much noise around influencer marketing that it is very hard for people to even agree on what they’re talking about: social scoring and Klout perks? Advocacy programs and super fans? Or Traackr and contextual influencers (aka impacters)? Last I checked, over 50 social media products* targeting marketers claim (true or not) to […]