Overcome the Hurdles to Adopting Influencer Marketing

Take a look at our business metrics these past few quarters and you’ll quickly establish that Traackr, and the influencer marketing category, are going gangbusters: our sales have nearly doubled quarter over quarter for the last 6 months, our sales-cycle has shrunk, and our speed to market with new customer-driven features has improved by an […]

Life After Mad Men: It’s Time to Earn Your Media

It’s fitting that we are in the final season of AMC’s “Mad Men”, because the topic of Earned Media is typically introduced with something along the lines of, “Gone are the Mad Men days”. Social Media has transformed the marketing landscape, and earned media has replaced paid and owned as the main driver of consumer […]

How Gregg Popovich Can Help Your Influencer Marketing Program

The NBA Playoffs are here, or as I call it, “The time of year I actually start paying attention to professional basketball”. A regular season chock full of daily practices, sweatbands, locker room fights, team-building exercises, and gatorade (among other things) all comes down to which team can pull it together in the end. It’s […]

Delivering on the Promise of Social

Image of Social Media

Modern marketing teams are challenged to get social “right”. Budgets for social media are on the rise and expected to double by 2017. It is critical for marketers become solid in scalable tactics to engage audiences and measure success. The Promise of Social Social media has shifted the nature of brand communications. Gone are the […]

Content as the Currency of Influencer Marketing

Curate Content via Influencer Monitoring & Lisenting

Content Marketing and Influencer Strategy must be joined at the hip in order for either to be successful. 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past 2 years; and content marketing is approaching mass adoption by businesses today. The task for marketers to get their messages in front of the right people […]

Building Brand Advocacy through Successful Relationship Marketing: How ASOS is Doing It!

Empathy Marketing

Advocacy is one of the main use cases of influencer marketing and a key objective many brands are looking to achieve on social media; however few have yet actively engaged in building scalable advocacy programs. ASOS is one of them and with its AccessAllASOS program has been leading the way in demonstrating what successful relationship […]

Social Selling with Traackr

Day in and day out, leading brands and agencies leverage Traackr to power their influencer marketing efforts. However, there’s a fast emerging use case for the platform that’s starting to take form – and that’s social selling. Like with marketing, social media has changed the role of sales forever. Although on the surface, this shift […]