Startup Life: Playing Through Cramps

Over the weekend, I saw my Twitter and Facebook streams heat up over the #LeCramp story: could it be that the greatest active player, the self-proclaimed “King”, bailed on his team because of cramps? For me, this incident during the first game of the NBA finals just reminded me of the reason why I’m not a LeBron James fan: whereas all time greats like Larry Bird, MJ, Bill Russell, live for and strive in clutch time, LBJ has a history of vanishing when it counts…

Greatness is not defined by physical abilities or skills (on both accounts LBJ is second to none). Greatness is shaped by adversity when character is tested and when some players rise up and others don’t.

In startup life as in basketball, winning teams are also born from adversity. Until you and your team have had to face adverse conditions, you just won’t know what you’re made of. Are you running towards the burning fire or away from it? When the game is on the line, do you want the ball?

We don’t get a medal for having been the first company to get influencer marketing right. However, the fact that we were early to what was at the time a naissant market means not only that we were able to assert ourselves and learn quickly, but most importantly, that we know we can play through cramps.

Last weekend was a reminder that I shouldn’t take for granted the fact that we have assembled this amazing team at Traackr. If you feel that you belong, come find us!