Top 5 Tips on Unplugging – by digital influencers

Something we don’t talk about too much here at Traackr is tips on unplugging from digital. The truth is, the more digitally-focused your job, the more important it is to give yourself a little digital break every once in a while, if even for a minute!

We spent some time browsing our influencer lists for good tips on unplugging and digital detoxing, and found the best way to get great input was to go straight to the source – our favorite digital influencers! We asked 5 influencers for their #1 tips on unplugging, and what we found is that for some of the best digital pros around, they really do know how to turn it off when needed! Here are some of their best tips on unplugging from digital:

1. Brian Fanzo Lives in the Now. In addition to Brian’s day job, he hosts numerous Twitter chats (one of our favorites being #Sbizhour), shares super useful content, and is always engaging with his community – we can’t figure out when he takes a break! He brings up a good point that sometimes we focus too much on work/life balance – thinking about achieving the exact right combination is even stressful:

tips on unplugging by Brian Fanzo

2. Andrea Vahl Being from Colorado, it makes sense that along with her massively engaging digital day-career, Andrea has learned how to escape the technological world when necessary. She contributed to this NBC article all about Digital Detoxing, where she notes that finding the digital escape is not an easy feat. She shared with us one of the best, simple tips:

tips on unplugging by Andrea Vahl

3. Shonali Burke is on Vacation! Shonali doles out some great daily advice on digital media, and sometimes she takes a break for good measure! When we contacted her, she happened to be on vacation and a digital detox of her own. She’d vowed to not check her social accounts for the whole day – only responding to us on account of relevancy, of course! She chose the route of self control, and she stuck to it:

tips on unplugging by Shonali Burke

4. Jacob Curtis Just Does It. Jacob creates and compiles a ton of useful digital guides, and has a real talent for building communities (he even got us in touch with Andrea Vahl – thanks, Jacob!) He’s from Hawaii, so naturally he must just be good at vacationing, right? When he unplugs, he just goes for it, in a Nike-sense:

tips on unplugging by Jacob Curtis

5. Rachel Miller Leaves It Behind. Rachel is an always-hustling digital pro and, like Brian, hosts about a million Twitter chats (she also hosts #Sbizhour). She’s also really fun to follow/engage with! Though you wouldn’t notice, sometimes Rachel takes a break from the digital world, too. Her simple, and effective tip, is to just leave it behind:

tips on unplugging by Rachel Miller

Bonus Tip! From ME… I’m online ALL day, so when I finish for the night, I need a break. I make a point to take one every night, even if it’s only 30 minutes:

tips on unplugging by Ginny Torok

This weekend, try practicing some of these pro tips on your days off! Then return to your digital life stress-free and relaxed. We all need a break sometimes.