10 Buzzwords We Should Kill In 2015

10 marketing tech and startup idioms that shouldn’t make it to 2015 My mom was a French teacher and insisted through my childhood that I make proper use of language when speaking and writing; this habit translated easily to English, and to this day I struggle with the misuse of words and expressions, as they […]

Attribution & A/B Testing Within The Marketing Landscape

Recently we published our take on the marketing technology landscape. We studied enterprise marketing trends, brands that are undergoing digital marketing transformations (like Philips), and additional successful digital models of our customers. Now after receiving your insightful feedback, we decided to update our original model with some great suggestions. Two suggested categories for the landscape […]

What do you wish for marketing in 2015?

Happy Holidays from the Traackr team! This holiday season we’re thinking towards the future. Recently we’ve outlined the best tools for your 2015 marketing tech stack, laid out an audience-based approach to 2015 budgeting, and looked even further down the line at a 2016 marketing structure. In addition to planning for the future, we have some […]

The Impacters – Eb Adeyeri, We Are Social, UK

We are delighted to introduce the second interview of our new “Impacters” series with Eb Adeyeri, Strategy Director at We Are Social. In this interview, Eb shares his favourite influencer campaigns and addresses the growing importance of influencer programs for brand communications, how to measure campaign results, the investment required, and the role technology plays. […]

Connections and Context – TopRank’s Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media

3% drive 90% of the impact

For the fifth year of Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media, Lee Odden and TopRank wanted to do something big. Enlisting our help, we took their top list and created an interactive map that showcases how influence dynamics really work. Each of the winners was scored across our criteria including: Reach, Resonance and Relevance […]

The Advertising & WOM Paradox

This is a guest post by Kevin Dangu, Social Media Manager at French marketing agency, 1min30. The advertising paradox, as word of mouth is the proven first source of influence. Many people have heard that word of mouth is the most powerful driver of influence in purchasing decisions, but it feels only few have actually […]

A Marketer’s Framework for 2015 Budgeting

This year, marketing leaders planning their 2015 budgets face a new set of challenges, as marketing budget allocations shift towards digital spend, away from traditional paid media. Many marketers are conscious of the need to realign traditional buckets of marketing expenditure (ads, SEO/SEM, CRM and emailing) to focus on digital strategies and the supporting marketing technology […]