Connections and Context – TopRank’s Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media

3% drive 90% of the impact

For the fifth year of Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media, Lee Odden and TopRank wanted to do something big. Enlisting our help, we took their top list and created an interactive map that showcases how influence dynamics really work. Each of the winners was scored across our criteria including: Reach, Resonance and Relevance (on the keywords social media, digital marketing and influencer marketing).

Congratulations to those who made the list this year, and thanks to TopRank for allowing us in on the fun! We were thrilled to be a part of the process and love supporting these inspirational women.

Click the image to explore the interactive map.
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.01.40 AMSo, what exactly can this type of map show you?


The winners of the Top 25 Women Who Rock Social Media (the influencers) were chosen from nominations based on impact and accomplishment. A few of the nominations surfaced direct connections between the influencers – by further studying the network map, even more connections between influencers are highlighted as “Connectors,” additional shared contacts beyond the original 25. We call these groups of Influencers and Connectors “hubs” – tightly knit communities where content is heavily shared. Most influencers are such because of the highly engaged hubs they have built.

Why do some of the influencers share more connections than others?


In the world of influence marketing, it’s understood that 3% of people generate 90% of impact. Interestingly, the 3% stays constant across subjects, but the people within the 3% hardly stay the same. So, you’ll find that many of the TopRank influencers are connected somehow among the marketing field, and as a part of the 3% within their subject matter.

Context is where Traackr’s Relevance scoring comes in as an important measurement. The  influencers have a Relevance score that was tied to a set of keywords chosen for Traackr’s subject matter, including social media, digital marketing and influencer marketing.

Some of these influencers are connected within separate communities, and the more “rogue” influencers may not be connected to the others outside of their context – each of these influencers are making such an impact because they are highly connected to communities within their context!

If you want to see how these scores would change based on a different set of Relevance keywords, or if this sparks your interest to look around at our platform contact me, and let’s set up a demo!

What is the most important takeaway for marketers?


As marketers, what we can learn from studying network maps is that it’s important to take all measurements into consideration, especially Relevance.

When thinking about developing your influencer program, you may have an amazing list of influential people driving conversations, but are they relevant to your conversation? It’s important to discover the most relevant 3% of influencers in your topic, then analyze and study their connections, discover new audiences, learn how content flows and strategize how to best engage your influencers.

The secret to a winning advocacy strategy is to find the right people and get them talking about the right things in the right places! – BCG Perspectives

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