The Key To Find Influencers For Your Brand

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What’s the key to find influencers for your brand? Conversations.

Influencers are the people who your customers look to for information. They’re leading conversations about your industry, whether you are listening or not. Your job is to find the most important people for your brand, and work with them to become a part of the conversations your potential customers are participating in.

Finding relevant influencers is the first step in building a strong influencer marketing program. Twitter_logo_blue

To find influencers, look at your customers

Like most marketing strategies, taking a people-first approach, by understanding your audience, their customer journey, and their influencer touchpoints, is the first step before you even start searching for influencers. Mapping out who you want to influence, what their needs are, what they are talking about and who they rely on for information will help you determine who is truly influential to your customer.

Don’t sacrifice relevance for reach

Influence is not determined by reach and resonance alone. You need to find the most relevant influencers for your brand, because regardless of their reach, if they aren’t reaching your audience, your influencer program will flop.

When you understand what conversations your potential customers are having around your industry, this is where you’ll begin to determine influencer relevance. By developing a set of keywords derived from potential customer conversations, you can find the influencers leading those topics.

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Here’s an example of developing keywords for your industry. If you are looking for food influencers for your organic product, searching for just “organic food” in Twitter and our free report will do you no good. Just like a Google search, the more specific your keyword query, the better. Instead, try searching for people influential in “organic food”, “healthy recipes”, “clean eating”, and “whole foods”.

When you are developing keywords, sometimes testing and optimizing is the key. If you aren’t getting results you like, try different keywords to search within different conversations.

Before you jump in, remember this 3-phased approach to influencer discovery:

  1. Understand your customers and define your user profiles
  2. Map the customer journey and identify influencer touchpoints
  3. Derive topics for each touchpoint and find influencers by topic