Top Influencers in Beauty

Top 10 Influencers in Beauty

Before the age of the Internet, beauty advice was hard to come by, limited to magazines and advertisements. Now platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest and blogs, revolutionized the way beauty tips and tricks are shared.

For consumers looking for beauty advice, from product reviews to makeup tutorials to hair tips and skincare ideas, everything is easily accessible on the Internet. Because of this, many beauty brands entered the conversation through influencer marketing – from partnering with vloggers, to sponsoring models Instagram posts, to building product review programs. The beauty industry is built off customer reviews and recommendations, which influencers can greatly enhance. Consumers look to beauty influencers for honest advice from real people.

Although, today it seems like everyone is trying their hand at creating beauty advice content – the space is quickly becoming diluted with influencers. As a marketer looking to work with beauty influencers, how do you find the right influencers who can make an impact for your brand to maximize your investment?

Using Traackr’s free Top 10 Influencer Report, we generated this list of the Top 10 Influencers in the Beauty space. For reference, the keywords used to generate this list were: makeup, glam, beauty, and lashes. (I chose to focus more on “glam” makeup influencers for my search.)

If you would like to find the top influencers for a different discipline of the beauty industry or for a different industry altogether, you can easily do so! The Top 10 Influencer report is a great free tool to start exploring influencer discovery. Click below to try it out!

Top Influencers

Lilly Ghalichi

Co-Owner/Designer, Femme Noir Swimgerie

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Entrepreneur, Reality Star, Attorney at Law, Blogger, Designer, GLAMAZON. #GhalichiGLAM

Hillary Kerr

Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Clique Media / Who What Wear

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Co-Founder:, & Also: lover of puns, pomeranians & panache.

Rati Tehri Singh

Owner & Co- Founder, LA Edukreation Pvt Ltd

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Mr. Husband; IMBB; Life; Travel; Fashion; Movies; that order.

Christine Mielke

Founder, Editor In Chief, Temptalia

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The life and times of a beauty blogger who loves all things makeup and beauty! Stay connected for sneak peeks, reviews, and behind-the-scenes insights!

Dave Iackie

Editor in Chief, BEAUTY the guide

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Editor of BEAUTY the guide & Cityline beauty expert.

Jane Cunningham

Beauty Writer/Blogger/Vlogger/Consultant/SocialMedia, Beauty Blogger

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Find me on Periscope at Britishbeautyblogger and Instagram @britbeautyblog.

Shannon Harris

Beauty Blogger, Shaaanxo

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Writing a bio is really stressful so im just gonna let you know that im a youtuber and i also love food and puppies and makeup.

Arika Sato

Talent, Maker Studios Inc

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fashion/beauty/fitness blogger biz email:

Courtney Nawara

Beauty Blogger,

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Cruelty Free Beauty, Alternative Fashion

Rachel Zoe

Editor-in-Chief, The Zoe Report

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I wear many hats…mother, designer, stylist, editor, author. Get daily fashion and beauty inspiration from me & my team at

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