The 7 Deadly Sins of Influencer Marketing

The good, the bad and the ugly, we’ve seen it all when it comes to influencer marketing. These are some of the biggest mistakes your brand can make with an influencer marketing strategy. I present to you the 7 deadly sins of influencer marketing. 1.Lust Lust is characterized by only talking about yourself and your brand when […]

A Marketing Lesson From Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice consumer goods have officially become an epidemic. Pumpkin spice shoes. Pumpkin spice beer. Twitter is flooded with pumpkin hashtags, pumpkin spice blog posts are trending and the news is reporting on pumpkins too. Pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING. But wait, how did this happen? There are a few things we can learn as marketers from […]

How to Audit Your Influencer List

Who are my influencers? and Who do my buyers listen to? are two distinct questions. By framing it as the latter you are removing any assumptions that could make you overlook and miss the real people your buyers know, like and trust. This echoes the old age marketing notion that “the customer is always right” which […]

The New Cross-Functional Influencer Program

One of the most interesting aspects of influencer marketing is how it quickly evolved from a public relations responsibility to an essential, cross-functional process. Influencer marketing touches on an increasing number of stakeholders, and consequently, functions throughout the organization. The concept might not be new to those who have read Philip Sheldrake’s early book, The Business […]

Top Influencers in Healthcare

Popularity of influencers Consumers value information from influencers who they trust over information directly from brands themselves. This is true in the Healthcare industry particularly because rising costs, inadequate standards and multiple products to choose from are leaving consumers confused. Influencers help consumers find clarity and consumers value their advice. Today, Traackr brings to you the Top […]

Boost Influencer Relations at an Event

Preparing for an event takes effort on behalf of the entire marketing team. Event managers spearhead strategy and coordinate details, marketing automation managers prepare emails and uploads new leads, community managers live-tweet, and content managers blog about the event. But how does influencer marketing play into your event strategy? Trade shows, conferences and summits can […]

3 Steps to Build a Results Driven Influencer Marketing Program

As marketers we are always embarking on new and untested waters to keep our sales funnel full of qualified leads, keep customers engaged and ensure we stay on top of the competition. With the dominance of social media, the need to rise above the noise is more important than ever. There are many strategies to […]