3 Ways to Have a Killer Event Presence–Without Even Attending

With so many tradeshows, summits, and conferences, it is nearly impossible to attend and have a presence at every single event that piques your interest. Previously, I highlighted ways to boost influencer relations around an event that you plan to attend–but what happens when you can’t attend a relevant event? Fear not, there are many ways to have a killer online presence at an event without physically attending–thanks to Twitter and live streaming tools like Meerkat and Periscope. By doing your homework and creating a strategic plan, you can establish your online presence to get mentions, engagement, and results. Here are three tips and tricks to leverage an event without being there in person:

1. Engage with current influencers to drive brand awareness

Identify which of your key influencers plan to attend or speak at the event. Ideally, reach out to these influencers beforehand and mention you are excited for their session or wish them safe travels to the event. This is a quick and easy way to get on an influencer’s radar and continue to build that relationship without asking them for anything. If there is an opportunity for an influencer to mention you in a session, then this would also be a good time to connect with them. Leveraging influencers will maximize the impact you have in creating a social presence at an event because these people are the ones holding the microphones (literally).

2. Activate new influencers to build meaningful relationships

Influencers tend to be highly engaged in sharing live-session content online. When a new influencer live tweets about a conversation that is relevant to your brand, make sure to engage with them online. This will help you get on their radar in a friendly and engaging way. This can be accomplished with a simple retweet, follow, or starting an online conversation with them.

3. Identify relevant sessions and monitor social activity

Prior to the event, peruse the schedule and identify sessions that are the most relevant to your brand. Take note of session names, times, and speakers to easily keep track of when to join the online conversation. Influencers and attendees alike will be live tweeting, so ensure that your brand engages in relevant conversations. This will help you identify others who are passionate about what your brand does. Additionally, follow the event hashtag and keep your eyes peeled for conversations that are relevant to your brand and influencers mentioning relevant topics. This could be a huge opportunity for you to engage and begin to build a relationship in a very organic way.

How Traackr leveraged #PRSAicon without attending the event

To give a relevant example, the PRSA International Conference, where marketing and PR converge, took place earlier this week in Atlanta. By following the steps listed above, I was able to have a presence at the event and engage with relevant influencers–even though no one from the Traackr team physically attended in person. I focused on engaging with two key influencers, Shonali Burke and Lee Odden. Lee even mentioned Traackr in one of his sessions and we were able to gain social mentions and increase brand awareness as a direct result. By closely following online conversations during Shonali and Lee’s sessions, I was able to connect with event attendees who were interested in learning more about Traackr. Overall, I was able to have an online presence and engage with relevant influencers and attendees without attending the event.

What’s your favorite way to engage with a new influencer online? Share your tips in the comment section below.