The Top Five Content Curation Tips of 2015

content curation tips

Marketers love content curation for a variety of reasons. Curating content–rather than producing it from scratch–saves valuable time. Curation also helps to build relationships and network with other marketing professionals. It allows content marketers to build off of existing ideas rather than reinvent the wheel every time they need to produce a piece of content. Plus, curating content helps marketers to produce high-level and engaging content– even when budget and resources are limited. It’s no surprise that content curation has become an integral part of most marketers’ content strategies. In light of this recent momentum, a slew of tools are now available to assist with content curation. Here at Traackr our own marketing team uses (and loves) Content Director.

In order to stay on top of your current content strategy and help you plan for 2016, here is a collection of the top content curation resources and tips that emerged in 2015.

11 Resources to Curate, Clip, Collect, and Collaborate Content – Content Marketing Institute

68% of marketers rely on curated content for their content marketing strategy. Although most practice content curation, many marketers have trouble identifying what resources exist to streamline the process. The content curation landscape has grown quickly, leaving many uninformed about what tools are available. Review these various tools and decide which ones will work best for you in 2016.

10 Common Myths About Content Curation – Marketingprofs

While most marketers are aware of content curation some still struggle to fully leverage it. Leaders in the marketing space have varying opinions about content curation, which can cause confusion and frustration. Understand these myths and gain a clear view of curation best practices.

The Role of Curation in B2B Content Marketing – Inboundli

Why should you be curating content as a marketer? Learn how, when, and where you should be curating content to maximize your content’s impact. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, nurture leads, or increase your share of voice, content creation can help you achieve these goals in various ways.

Why You Must Curate Content in 2015 – Search Engine Journal

Take a look back at your content curation efforts over the past year. What worked well and what totally flopped? Check out these tools that assist in content curation, guidelines for finding industry leaders, and discover why curating content is worth it.

Content Curation or Content Creation: Which is Better for Your Business? – Social Media Week

The ultimate content debate: When does it make sense to curate and when should you strategically create new content? The answer isn’t always black and white. Analyze the benefits of both practices and strategize when to create and when to curate.

Wait, did we just curate a blog post about curated content? Why yes, yes we did. How do you think content curation will evolve in 2016? Will curation continue to help marketers reach their goals and become more of an industry best practice? We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below to get the conversation started.