Boost your Content Strategy with Insights from Erika Heald, VP of Content

Erika Heald, VP of Content

Building relationships is the most powerful way to engage with influencers. But, all too often, marketers don’t know how to get started. What do you ask for? What if you say the wrong thing? One relationship building tactic I like to rely on is interviewing an influencer in order to get to know them better. […]

What Marketing Leaders Say about the 2016 MarTech Supergraphic

2016 marketing technology landscape supergraphic

Five years ago, at the forefront of the marketing technology explosion, Scott Brinker paved the way as an industry expert by creating the MarTech Supergraphic. Since its inception in 2011, the supergraphic has evolved to illustrate the exponential growth of marketing technology as a category: The 2016 supergraphic contains 87% more logos than last year […]

[Video] How Orange France engaged influencers to launch its IoT service

Orange France, Computer Weekly

Launching a new product in a different sector than your core business is one of the top challenges for businesses. At the end of 2014, Orange, a French global player in the telecommunications industry, launched Homelive, a solution that enables its customers to manage connected objects in their homes by using their smartphones. With this new […]

Trends, Tweets, and Treats from Social Media Marketing World 2016

Social Media Marketing World 2016

Sometimes it’s tough being a social marketer. Other times, you get to travel to beautiful, sunny San Diego and mingle with the brightest minds in marketing. Does anyone feel bad for me? Anyone? All jokes aside, earlier this week I had the privilege of attending the most influential social media conference, Social Media Marketing World […]

4 Skills That Will Make or Break Your Influencer Marketing Program

influencer marketing program

Trust is the most critical factor for buyers when they make their purchase decisions. When you’ve earned your buyers’ trust, then they’re much more likely to stick around. But lately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to connect with these people.  As traditional marketing remains the topic of scrutiny, it’s clear that customers don’t want to hear from marketers […]

11 Insights from An Influencer Marketing Intervention [eBook]

influencer marketing insights

The average person is seeing 300-700 offline advertisements, dozens of promotional emails, banner ads, pop-ups and other digital junk every single day. It’s an age of unprecedented data proliferation. You’ve likely seen first-hand the toll it’s taking on consumers. Amidst all this noise, are we really surprised that consumers don’t want to hear from us? […]

Keep it Legal: The Crackdown on Paying Influencers

Influencer marketing shouldn’t be confusing. It’s a simple concept: engage with influential experts that captivate the people you want to reach. Engage with them authentically and often. Eventually they may start to love you. But pay for that love? That’s called an endorsement…and it’s not fooling anyone. If you’ve been following the latest headlines, then you […]