How Taylor Swift Changed Marketing with the Unbrand

Taylor Swift marketing

Earlier this month I attended Salesforce’s annual digital marketing event, Connections hosted in Atlanta. There was a wide variety of speakers and topics covered, from email marketing to life in space from astronaut Scott Kelly, and buzzwords like “scalability” and “consumer journey” baked into powerpoint after powerpoint. One of my favorite sessions was uniquely titled “How […]

Why Scott Disick’s Instagram Fail is Everything Wrong with Influencer Marketing

Instagram Failure and Influencer Marketing

Admit it, you love to hate Scott Disick. From his uncanny ability to compliment himself to the fact that he’s actually famous for no reason, Scott Disick probably holds a special place in everyone’s heart. While it probably pains you to even talk about him–because that’s what his publicist wants you to do–it’s also an […]

View From the Boardroom – Why Influencer Marketing is the Only Marketing Start-Ups Can Afford

Influencer Marketing for Start-ups

In an earlier post I talked about how Traackr was a startup that helped to create the Influencer Marketing Category. The post focused on the challenges that go with defining a new category. However I did not discuss our strategies and tactics with regard to how we established ourselves as the leading player in this […]

What I Learned in My First 30 Days as an Influencer Marketing Manager

I officially have the most meta job in San Francisco. When people ask me what I do my generic answer is that I do marketing for a tech startup. This is my safe answer, everyone understands and the conversation moves on to the next topic. But if I sense the person is actually interested in […]

3 steps for finding your brand’s most influential people

finding your brand’s most influential people

Imagine your business without its customers. It may sound a bit dramatic, but that’s the future you’re headed towards, unless you stop thinking of them as customers. They are people, and these people have gotten really good at ignoring your brand. They don’t care anymore. I recently came across an article on that caught […]

The Top 10 Most Influential CMOs – Who are Also Moms

Top 10 CMO

Mother’s Day spending in the US is expected to reach $21.4 billion this year, according to research¹. The upcoming holiday provides opportunities for retailers and marketers alike, as it’s a great excuse for the most creative, heart-warming marketing campaigns².You might recall such campaigns as Samsung’s #textsfrommom or Coca-Cola’s ‘inseparable’ film.  Besides the predictable marketing hype, […]

Influencer Marketing: time to opt-out of opt-in networks

opt-in network

“What’s our influencer strategy?” is the question on every CMO’s mind today and how to implement an influencer program is still a major challenge to most marketing departments. With 84% of influencer research being carried out manually¹, marketers run into hurdles when attempting to identify influencers, engage with them, and measure the impact on their brands². Too often […]